We are pleased to announce that NC 71
will be available for the 2015 season!

PVH 2310
Back by popular demand, PVH 2310 will be returning for the 2015 season. PVH 2310 is bred to be early maturing with leaf spacing ideal for mechanical harvesters. This variety is for barn use efficiency, high yielding properties, and high grading quality that can be planted on acres currently being planted with K326. In addition, recent university trails have highlighted the broad disease resistance package that PVH 1452 offers. It has Black Shank, Granville Wilt and additional Root-Knot Nematode resistance.

Important information:
PVH 2310 performs in the greenhouse and field just like any other variety. However, it will mature and the leaves ripen faster than what farmers are accustomed to. When harvested correctly the leaves come out of the barn "bright." If harvested later the leaves tend to have more of an "orange" color. PVH 2310 holds well, but as with traditional varieties, it is important to remember to not let the tobacco become over-ripe in the field.

In 2015, F.W. Rickard Seeds is offering for the first time the new dark variety with the highest black shank resistance – KTD14LC. It has the highest resistance to Black Shank Race (0) and Race (1) of any dark tobacco variety. It is a high yielding; medium maturity dark-fired hybrid that also has high resistance to Black Root Rot, Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Wildfire.


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