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The Material found in this Website is generic and its publication has the sole purpose to supply superficial references and information related to its topic. FW Rickards does not and will not have any responsibility for the adequacy, applicability or convenience of the information made available in this Website for the any individual situation of each consumer or reader, nor takes any responsibility for the veracity, coverage or update of the information.

The information found in this Website shall not be taken as a rule or as the only source of information for taking decision about the topic dealt in this Website. To the contrary, the consultation to another source of information, more specific, complete and updated, before taking any decision is recommendable by FW Rickards. The unrestricted acceptance of the material published in this Website is of the sole an exclusively responsibility of the consumer or reader.

FW Rickards reserves the right to update or modify the contents of this Website at any time, but does not have the legal obligation to do so.

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